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How to live a better life with life coaching

by Priya Deelchand



We all dream of a better life, a happier tomorrow, a brighter future. Today we live in a world which is in a chaotic state. Everyday in the news, we hear only of calamities and bad news which are happening all around our planet. Hearing such things now appears normal to us but in reality, it is not! Even our lives are confused. We are no longer living, we are simply existing. That’s not the way life should be and we human beings are not meant to live such lives. We deserve better, happier and more fulfilling lives. This is our birthright and this is what we are here for. For most of us, this seems impossible. We are so used to live our lives by default that living a life that we truly want seems too good to be true. Yet, this is possible through appropriate life coaching and right application of proper techniques such as the “Law of Attraction”, Emotional Freedom Techniques, etc. We all deserve and are meant to live our best possible life. We can and we must all become directors of our lives instead of being mere spectators.

In all parts of the world including Mauritius, people have become very well off on the material level. We can afford most of the things that we want but we no longer know how to live and how to enjoy simple pleasures of life. Our educational system has provided us with all appropriate knowledge, academic qualifications and skills that enable us to earn a living but they do not provide us with the most important thing of all: "How to live a life". That's where life coaching becomes very important today. It shows us how to become masters of our lives and provides us with all the appropriate guidance and tools to make our lives a masterpiece.

Life coaching is for any of us who wants to get back on track in any area of life, be it career, relationship issues, financial matters or well-being. We all have problems and we all want to eliminate these problems and live happier and more fulfilled lives. The “Law of Attraction” coaching is one of the best tools which will allow us to get from where we are to where we want to be. This law states that we attract into our lives, whatever we give our energy, attention and focus to, whether wanted or unwanted. However, it is not a magic formula. We need to have a real determination to change and a very strong will power. In our “Law of Attraction” coaching sessions, we have guided many people step by step to help them attract what they really wanted in life.

Wonderful outcomes are normally achieved most of the time with life coaching and many people experience life changing results. Whether they are finding it difficult to attract the right partner, the right career, more abundance and prosperity, more peace of mind, more success or want to achieve the right balance between personal and professional life, life coaching has all the tools at hand to help anyone achieve their goal.

Some of us find it very difficult to manifest the things that we want because of our limiting beliefs which are most of the time self-imposed or imposed on us by our family, our friends, the environment we live in, etc and these limiting beliefs are stuck in our subconscious minds. A very effective technique to get rid of our limiting beliefs is the “Emotional Freedom Techniques”. The aim of this technique is to detect our limiting beliefs and fears and then help us eliminate them and replace them by more positive ones. Once the blocks are eliminated, we can start attracting the things that we really want and live our life by design.

We all want to live in a better and happier world and we all dream of a better future for ourselves and our children. It is high time for all of us to really take charge of our lives and live the best possible life we are designed to. In this way, we will be able to positively impact on our family, our environment and on the world at large. The change must begin with each one of us and the right time to change is NOW. As Mahatma Gandhi was right when he said "Be the change you want to see in the world."


Success is in your hands, attract it
by Priya Deelchand

Published in Samedi Plus on 15 June 2013


Success means different things to different individuals. It comes in many different forms and the idea of being successful for one person might not be the same as for another person. In fact, there are as many definitions of success as there are people on this planet. For instance, if you are a businessman, success may mean being among the top 10 companies in your industry and if you are a student, success may mean getting distinctions and coming first in your exams. According to Earl Nightingale, "Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." It is therefore very important for each one of us to define clearly what success means to us.

If we want to be successful in our life, then the very first thing we should do is to take the time to decide exactly what success means to us. Clarity is the first step for deliberately attracting the success we desire in our life. Success is a multifaceted personal concept. By defining what the idea of success represents to us and by taking the time to write it down, we will automatically move our life in that direction. Robert Collier was right when he said "The great successful men of the world have used their imagination. They think ahead and create their mental picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this a bit and that a bit, but steadily building - steadily building."

Let us say that success to us means becoming an outstanding manager. Most of the time, many people find it very difficult to know exactly what they want as an outstanding manager. One of the best ways to become clear is to make a list of things that we do not want as an outstanding manager. The more things we put in our list, the clearer we become. We do not have to focus on what we do not want to attract but just examine briefly what we do not want. Once we have made a list of around 40 to 50 things that we do not like, we proceed by making the list of things that we do want as an ideal manager. The things that we want are the exact opposite of the things that we do not want. For example, I do not want to be a manager who is not respected by my team will be replaced by I want to be a manager who is highly respected by my team. I do not want to take wrong decisions will be replaced by I always take the right decisions in all situations.

The second step to deliberately attract success is to raise our vibration. We must always bear in mind that we do not get what we want but we get what we vibrate. We must therefore become a "vibrational match" to what we want in order to attract what we truly desire. One way to raise our vibration is to act as if we are already successful and start experiencing how we would be feeling if we had already achieved the success we wanted, how joyful we would feel and how happy and excited we would be as a result of achieving the success we desire. We can also use affirmations or use phrases like "I am very successful now." to raise our vibration to attract the success we desire in our life. We can also use visualization and see ourselves already experiencing the success we want.

The third step for deliberate attraction is to allow success to manifest in our life. Allowing is the absence of doubt and fear. If we have a strong desire to be successful but at the same time, we have strong doubts, we will never be able to attract what we want because we will be sending mixed signals in the universe. If, on the other hand, we have a strong desire and some doubts, we will attract success, but it will take a little longer. If we want to rapidly manifest success, we have to have a strong desire with no doubt at all.

We all deserve to be successful in life and whatever dreams we have, we all have the potential to achieve them as absolutely nothing is impossible. We just have to follow the great advice of Walt Disney, who rightly said, "If you can dream it, you can do it."