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About Our Company

Success Strategies Consultants Ltd




Success Strategies Consultants Ltd is a private company  and registered MQA Training Institution created in May 2009. Our  company specialises in training and development of corporate leaders, managers, employees and  motivated  individuals.  Our   mission   is   to empower  people and assist  them  in  unlocking  their  unlimited potential thus contributing to improve their performance in the workplace. 


Success Strategies Consultants offers a variety of in-house and public seminars and workshops on leadership, peak performance, emotional intelligence, success principles, team building, goal-setting, time management, self-esteem and motivation for corporate clients. The aim of these workshops is to help CEOs, managers, executives and employees across all industries make better decisions, improve organisational productivity and achieve personal and professional growth and fulfilment.



All our workshops are fully customizable to meet the needs of our corporate clients and all our courses are approved by MQA. Our corporate workshops are designed to be fun, informative, and are result-oriented. We do follow-up sessions on a regular basis with all our clients to help improve and sustain positive changes at the personal and professional level.



Our clients include managers, executives and employees of many large corporations in Mauritius.



About Our Team

Priya Deelchand
Founder and Managing Director

Priya Deelchand is the founder and Managing Director of Success Strategies Consultants  Ltd.  Since December 2008, Priya  has been working  as  a Life and Corporate Coach with  clients in  USA  and  Europe  providing  guidance on  personal and  professional  development  and  helping  them   maximise their potentials to achieve growth and success. Priya also conducts  several Workshops   in   Mauritius  on   leadership,  peak   performance,   emotional intelligence, success  principles,  self-esteem  and  motivation for  corporate and individual clients.


Before establishing Success Strategies Consultants Ltd, Priya worked in the financial sector for almost 10 years as Fund Manager. She holds a Master in Management from L'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Toulouse (Toulouse Business School), France and an Undergraduate degree in Economics from Université des Sciences Sociales de Toulouse, France. Priya is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner from The Law of Attraction Training Center, USA and a registered MQA Trainer in the field of Management.


Priya always believed that we are all unique and have unlimited talents but we are not aware of it. That is why, she left the financial sector to follow her passion to empower people and help them unlock their unlimited potential. She uses her coaching and management skills and experience to make a positive difference in the professional and personal lives of people. Priya is a regular author of articles on success, personal development and self-esteem in numerous online magazines namely ezinearticles, articlebase and selfgrowth amongst others.

Pascale Sauzier



Pascale Sauzier is responsible for marketing of our services to corporate and individual clients. Pascale has been following several personal development courses in different parts of the world mainly US and UK She joined Success Strategies Consultants Ltd to share her experience in the personal development field and she helps people find the most appropriate solutions to their personal and professional needs.

Kanika Ramtohul



Kanika Ramtohul is a Certified Coach and she is responsible for responding to training needs of clients and marketing of our services to corporate and individual clients.Before joining Success Strategies Consultants Ltd, Kanika Ramtohul worked in the Freeport sector in the Marketing department as Commercial and Service Delivery Assistant.

Kanika also has 8 years’ experience in the communications sector. She has always been interested in personal development and has followed several courses in self – development. Kanika joined Success Strategies Consultants Ltd to share her experience in their personal development field through which she helps people find the most appropriate solutions to their personal and professional endeavours.